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RGB Accessories:

RGB Pixel Mounting Strip 1in Spacing - Black


RGB Pixel Mounting Strip 1in Spacing - White


Intelligent RGB Wire Extension 25ft


Intelligent RGB Wire Extension 10ft


Intelligent RGB Male Dangle


Intelligent RGB Female Dangle


Dumb RGB Wire Extension 25ft


Dumb RGB Wire Extension 10ft


Dumb RGB Male Dangle


Dumb RGB Female Dangle


CableGuard CG1500 Enclosure


RGB 12V 360W DC Power Supply


RGB 12V 360W Waterproof DC Power Supply


Light-O-Rama CMB24D Deluxe DC Card


Light-O-Rama PixCon16 Pixel Controller Card


Advatek PixLite4 MkII ECO Controller Card


8 Port Outdoor Ethernet Switch


E1.31 Wireless - TP-Link CPE510 Outdoor Wireless


RGB Flood Light Stake


RGB Pixel Pliers


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