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Basic How-To Instructions
How do I turn my lights on in the middle of the show?
What do I need to get started?
Can I use LED lights?
What Lights Are Needed for Christmas Packages
Christmas Sequence Layouts
Christmas Sequence Layouts DMX
Halloween Sequence Layouts
Lightning Sequence Layout
4th of July Sequence Layout
Controller Not Triggering Lights
Show Stops in Middle of Show
CTB16PC Reset
How do I create a Light-O-Rama Sequence?
WowLights Pixel Tree SanDevice Import
WowLights S5 Sequence Previews
How do I download Light-O-Rama software and get key?
Which version of the Light-O-Rama software do I need?
Does the Light-O-Rama software work on Macs?
PixCon Assistant V2.3.22
Advatek Assistant V2.3.23
USB485 Drivers
How many amps can the CTB16PC controllers handle?
What is the maximum distance for CAT5/Wireless?
Do the Light-O-Rama controllers come with a warranty?
How many Light-O-Rama controllers can I use?
How to prepare music files/rip music
Prepare MP3 Files for Sequence Editor/MP3 Director
How can I get sound outside?
Light-O-Rama CTB16PCg3 User Manual
Light-O-Rama USB Adapters User Guide
Light-O-Rama CMB24D User Manual
Light-O-Rama PixCon16 User Manual
Light-O-Rama Pixie User Manual
Terms and Conditions
Telescoping Flag Pole
Privacy Policy
Repair Kits
Remote Support

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