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Strobe Lights:

WowLights LED Flood Strobe

$49.99 $44.99

C9 Strobe Light

$5.49 $4.99

C9 Strobe - 25 Pack

$124.99 $112.99

C9 Strobe - 50 Pack

$229.99 $204.99

C9 Strobe - 100 Pack

$449.99 $399.99

C9 Strobe - 5 Pack with Wire

$44.99 $39.99

C9 Strobe - 25 Pack with Wire

$174.99 $149.99

C9 Strobe - 50 Pack with Wire

$319.99 $279.99

C9 Strobe - 100 Pack with Wire

$599.99 $519.99

About WowLights Strobe Lights:
Strobe lights make a great addition to any holiday light display! If you’d like to light up the night a little more, check out the strobe lights we offer -- both flood strobe light bulbs and C9 strobe light bulbs.

You can stop using indoor flood lights for your display when you purchase a WowLights LED Flood Strobe bulb. These beautifully bright bulbs use 130 high power LEDs and are Light-O-Rama compatible. They are also more energy-efficient and long-lasting than conventional flood lights.

We also carry white/clear C9 strobe light bulbs in a variety of packages. You can order as little as one C9 strobe light bulb, or stock up with 25-, 50, or 100-packs of C9 strobe lights. And you can purchase your C9 strobe light bulbs either by themselves, or with green wire and ground stakes.

If you have questions about our outdoor strobe light bulbs or any of our holiday musical light display products and accessories, just Contact Us and we’ll help you choose just what you need for the holiday light display you want to create.

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