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Packages - With Controllers:

4th of July RGB Controller Package


4th of July Controller Package - 16 Outputs


4th of July Controller Package - 32 Outputs


Packages - Without Controllers:

4th of July RGB Flag Kit


4th of July Package - 16 Outputs


4th of July Package - 32 Outputs



Light-O-Rama CTB16PC Controller - Assembled


WowLights New Controller Stand


Strobe Lights:

C9 Strobe Light


C9 Strobe - 5 Pack with Wire


C9 Strobe - 25 Pack with Wire


Flood Lights:

Flood Light Fixture



Outdoor 3 Way Speakers (White)


About WowLights Fourth of July:
Add the WOW to your 4th of July lights with a WowLights 4th of July Package! WowLights has patriotic lawn displays that feature lights that dance to famous marches and other classic American music.

Our animated 4th of July displays feature an American flag that is synchronized with some of the most thrilling and patriotic music to really get you in the mood for Independence Day. Our animated 4th of July music and light show comes with 5 WowLights 4th of July sequences that you run from your computer or MP3 Director.

Our 4th of July outdoor light and music display packages are available with or without controllers, and with either 16 or 32 outputs. The 16 output package includes an animated American flag and the 32-output package adds Stars, Strobe Lights, and Flood Light Fixtures.

Not sure what you need, or how to get started with synchronized 4th of July lights and music for your lawn? Just Contact Us and we’ll walk you through the process and help you choose all the equipment needed to create an amazing Independence Day show in your own front yard!

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