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Products > Corrugated Plastic > RGB Pixel Arches - Plastic Only

RGB Pixel Arches - Plastic Only


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The WowLights RGB Pixel Arches - Plastic Only includes 4 plastic sections to build a 84in wide x 39in tall arch made out of 10MM White or Black Corrugated Plastic. Includes 50 holes and is designed to work with our Intelligent RGB Pixels.

Also required:
Intelligent RGB Pixels 50ct
Intelligent RGB Extension
Intelligent RGB Controller
10ft 1/2in Schedule 40 PVC
2 1/2in Rebar & Zip Ties for Mounting

About RGB Parts:
You can select to include RGB Parts with the arches which will add 2 T's and 2 22° couplers. With these you can pre-build the arch and store it for quick installation. You will also need a 2nd 1/2in Schedule 40 PVC to build the arch. 

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Part Number: WC-ARCH

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