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Products > RGB > WowLights Dumb RGB Floods 20W

WowLights Dumb RGB Floods 20W


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WowLights Dumb RGB Floods include a 20W RGB bulb that can change to red, green, blue or any color in between. They include 6ft input & output leads so you can connect multiple floods to maximize coverage. They are IP66 rated and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Product Specifications:
Wire Color Black
Wire Length 6ft
Outdoor Rating IP66
Voltage 12V DC
Amps 1.67A
Connector Included & Attached

Note: Includes male plug that works with the WowLights Dumb RGB Controller. If you plan on using with a different controller a Female Dangle is recommended.

Nodes work with our Dumb RGB Controller and RGB Accessories.

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Part Number: WLRGB-FLD20

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