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Products > RGB > WowLights Intelligent RGB Bulbs 50ct with End Connector

WowLights Intelligent RGB Bulbs 50ct with End Connector


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WowLights Intelligent RGB Bulbs include 50 bulbs that include red, green, and blue LEDs in each node and can be used where independent control of each bulb is required. They are IP68 rated and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The End Connector allows you to connect more than one strand per controller output. Previous strands (marked WL on plug) pass data and ground only and you need a Power Injection T & Power Supply to supply power to the next strand. Current strands (marked WL1 on plug) pass power, data, and ground which allows you to insert power where convenient.

Product Specifications:
Type WS2811/UCS1903
Wire Color Green
Bulb Count 50
Bulb Spacing 6in
Outdoor Rating IP68
Voltage 12V DC
Amps 2.0A
Connectors Included & Attached

Note: Includes male plug that works with our Intelligent E1.31 RGB 16 Output Controller and Intelligent E1.31 RGB 4 Output Controller. If you plan on using with a different controller a Female Dangle is recommended.

Bulbs work with our Intelligent RGB Accessories.

Part Number: WLRGB-BULBS-E

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