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Products > RGB > WowLights Intelligent E1.31 RGB 4 Output Controller

WowLights Intelligent E1.31 RGB 4 Output Controller


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The WowLights Intelligent E1.31 RGB 4 Output Controller allows you to easily add Intelligent RGB lighting to your display. It comes fully assembled and can control a total of 4 Intelligent RGB Pixels. Ribbons, or Bulbs with your Light-O-Rama system.

Product Features:
  • Ethernet input compatible with industry standard sACN (E1.31)
  • Onboard E1.31 to DMX512 output capability
  • Remote temperature and voltage bank monitoring
  • Individual outputs with each connector supplying power and data
  • Supported Pixel Types: TLS3001, SM16716, LPD6803, WS2801, WS2811/12/12B/APA104, TM180x, MBI6020, INK1003, APA102. Note: one pixel type at a time per controller.
Product Specifications:
RGB Channels 4
Input Voltage 120-240VAC
Output Voltage 12VDC
Max Amps/Channel 5
Max Amps/Total 12.5

Controller works with our Intelligent RGB lighting and our Intelligent RGB Accessories.

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Part Number: WLRGB-E131CON4

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