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Products > Light-O-Rama > LORxxxx Input Connector G3

LORxxxx Input Connector G3


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Connect up to 3 inputs to your Gen3 LORxxx light controller (6 inputs with the LOR1602MP3g3). Use of inputs for interactive shows run from a PC requires version 2.1.2 or higher of the Light-O-Rama S2/S3 Software Suite.

Will work with any Gen3 LORxxxx controller. LOR1602Wg3, LOR1600Wg3, LOR800Wg3 and LOR1602MP3g3.

Check that your controller has the 10 pin header on the inner panel just to the left of the data cable connections.

Provides connections for +5, +9, Gnd and 6 inputs (only 3 inputs are active on controllers without the MP3 director).

For More Information: Data Sheet

WARNING: If your controller does not have a 10 pin, female header then this connector will not work! Only works on Gen3 devices.

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Part Number: LOR-Input-6

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