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Products > Light-O-Rama > CTB16 Input Connector G3

CTB16 Input Connector G3


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Connect up to 3 inputs to your Gen3 CTB08/CTB16/CTB32 based controller. Use of inputs requires version 2.1.2 or higher of the Light-O-Rama S2/S3 Software Suite.

Will work with any Gen3 CTBxx based controller which has a 20 pin header. Do not use this input card if you have a deluxe controler version with LED display.

Check that your controller has the 20 pin header and it is unused (no ribbon cable is already connected).

Provides connections for +5, +9, Gnd , 3 Inputs and an external status LED.

For More Information: Data Sheet

WARNING: If your controller does not have a free 20 pin header then this connector will not work! Only works on Gen3 devices.

Part Number: CTB-Input-G3

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