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Products > Christmas > Christmas Controller Package - 80 Outputs With RGB

Christmas Controller Package - 80 Outputs With RGB

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The WowLights 80 Output Christmas Controller Package with RGB Arches and Star Burst allows you to quickly and easily setup an animated Christmas light show!

Package Includes the following items:

5 WowLights Deluxe Layout
Christmas Sequences:

Optional Singing Santa or Bulb:

Optional Yard Props:

5 Light-O-Rama CTB16PC
Light Controllers:

Pixie 4 & Pixie 8
RGB Controllers:

Mega Tree Kit:

RGB Arch 4 Pack:
RGB Star Burst 2 Pack:
5 Star Package:
8 LED Floods & Fixtures:
100 C9 Strobes & Wire:
LOR Software & Accessories

5 WowLights Christmas Sequences (Deluxe Layout)
5 16 Output Light-O-Rama CTB16PC Controllers
Pixie 4 RGB Controller
Pixie 8 RGB Controller
Light-O-Rama Sequencing Software
USB485 Communications Adapter
Mega Tree Kit
RGB Plastic Pixel Arch 4 Pack
RGB Pixel Star Burst 2 Pack
5 Star Package
8 Floods - 2 Red, 2 Blue, 2 Green, 2 Cool White
8 Flood Fixtures
4 25 C9 Strobe Packs with Wire
1 100 Foot CAT5 Cables
6 25 Foot CAT5 Cables

Mega Tree Kit also requires purchase of 1-1/2in PVC pipe & 2ft wood stake/rebar or 20ft telescoping flag pole.

Note: Requires a computer with USB port, extension cords, lights, and outdoor speakers/FM transmitter for sound.

Click here to view recommended lights for Christmas Packages.

Part Number: PKG-CHRISTMAS128C2

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