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Products > Christmas > WowLights RGB 180 100ct Pixel Tree

WowLights RGB 180 100ct Pixel Tree


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The WowLights 180° 100ct Pixel Tree Package allows you to quickly and easily add a 16ft RGB Pixel Tree with 100ct Pixels to your display.

Package Includes:
Star Burst Star (RGB Nested Star with 3 rings, total of 150 pixels)
Star Burst Star Pixels x3, Power Injection T & End Connector, Power Supply x2, and Power Extension x2
HDPE Topper & Ground Plate
E1.31 16 Output RGB Controller
50ct Intelligent Pixels x32
Pixel Mounting Strip Roll x2 & Strain Relief Brackets x32
Intelligent Extensions x16

Also requires the following from your local home improvement store:
Fence top rail x2 (One 10ft full length and One 10ft cut to Xin) Link
Steel Guy Wires Kit x2 Link
3/8in x 10in Galvanized Spike Nails x20 Link
Ground Anchors for Guy Wires x3 Link

Note: A computer running the Advanced or Pro version of the Light-O-Rama software is required to run the 180° Pixel Tree.

Sequences for the 180° are included with all of our Pro and Pro Plus layout Christmas Sequences.

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Part Number: WOW180PT100

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