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Products > Christmas > Plastic RGB Pixel Arch 4 Pack With Controller

Plastic RGB Pixel Arch 4 Pack With Controller

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The WowLights Plastic RGB Pixel Arch Package allows you to build 4 Intelligent RGB Pixel arches. Includes all of the PVC Fittings required to build an arch frame that can easily be stored after the season.

Pixie4 Intelligent RGB Controller
4 Arch Corrugated Plastic
8 PVC T & 22° Couplers
4 Intelligent 50ct Pixel Strands
4 Intelligent 25ft RGB Extensions

Plastic RGB Pixel Arch Instructions

Timing is included in all of our Standard/Deluxe layout Christmas Sequences for 2 sets of Plastic RGB Arches. You can run more by duplicating controller IDs.

Note: To complete installation you need 8x 10ft 1/2in SCH40 PVC, 8 1/2in X 1ft rebar, zip ties and guy wires may be needed in windy areas. The Plastic Arches run on their own network and USB485-HS is recommended along with CAT5 cable to run from adapter to controller. Advanced or Pro version of the Light-O-Rama software is required.

Help With Options: You need a USB485-HS adapter to run the network for the arches and only one is required. If running multiple sets of arches you can purchase one set with adapter and then additional sets without adapter. For CAT5 the first set would need a long cable to run between USB adapter and controller and additional sets can be connected with shorter cables.

Part Number: RGBARCH-4P

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