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Products > Christmas > Basic RGB Arch 4 Pack With Controller

Basic RGB Arch 4 Pack With Controller


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The WowLights Basic RGB Arch Package allows you to build 4 Intelligent RGB Ribbon arches and is a lower cost DIY alternative to WowLights RGB Arches. Just zip tie the Ribbons to 16.5ft 1/2in PVC, sink rebar into the ground, and lower the arch on the rebar.

Pixie4 Intelligent RGB Controller
4 Intelligent 5m RGB Ribbons
4 Intelligent 25ft RGB Extensions
25ft CAT5 Cable

We are currently adding timing for 4 & 8 Basic RGB Arches to our Christmas Sequences and updated sequences will be available in the next few months.

Note: Also need 4x 16.5ft 1/2in PVC, 8 1/2in rebar, zip ties and guy wires may be needed in windy areas.

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Part Number: RGBARCH-4B

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