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Products > Christmas > WowLights Sequence - Fur Elise

WowLights Sequence - Fur Elise

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Now Playing: 128 Output Version
Other Layouts: 16 32 48 64 Screen

WowLights Christmas Sequences are
offered in the following layouts:

Standard (16-64 Outputs) $29.99
Deluxe (16-64 Outputs+RGB) $49.99
RGB Screen & Ribbon Tree $69.99
Pro (V2 Pro Layout) $69.99
Pro Plus (V2 Pro + 3 Matrix) $89.99

Select Sequence Layout:

Note: Sequences can be downloaded from your
My Account page once your order is processed.

Download includes
Sequence and Audio File!

WowLights Christmas Sequence of Fur Elise by the Apollo Symphony Orchestra. Includes audio file and choice of our Standard (16-64 Output) or Deluxe (128 Output) layout.

Sequences are available in the following layouts:
Standard - Includes 16-64 Outputs and 64 RGB Layout
Deluxe - Includes 16-128 Outputs, 128 RGB Layout, and Pixel Mega Tree
RGB Screen & Ribbon Tree - Includes 12 Ribbon Horizontal Screen & Vertical Ribbon Tree

Recommended layout for WowLights 128 output Christmas sequences:

Click a different video above to view layout or Click here to see all layouts

Sequence licensed for home use pursuant to the WowLights Sequence License Agreement. For commercial use please Contact Us for a quote.

Part Number: WLSC-105

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