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Basic How-To Instructions
How do I turn my lights on in the middle of the show?
What do I need to get started?
Can I use LED lights?
What Lights Are Needed for Christmas Packages
Christmas: Standard & Deluxe Layouts / Pro Layout
Halloween: Standard Layout / Pro Layout
4th Of July: Standard Layout / Pro Layout
Christmas Sequence Layouts DMX
Lightning Sequence Layout
Controller Not Triggering Lights
Show Stops in Middle of Show
CTB16PC Reset
Video Tutorials:
S5 Preview Setup
E1.31 Controller Setup
Pixie Controller Setup
Dumb Controller Setup
How do I download Light-O-Rama software and get key?
Which version of the Light-O-Rama software do I need?
Does the Light-O-Rama software work on Macs?
PixCon Assistant V2.3.22
Advatek Assistant V2.3.23
USB485 Drivers
How many amps can the CTB16PC controllers handle?
What is the maximum distance for CAT5/Wireless?
Do the Light-O-Rama controllers come with a warranty?
How many Light-O-Rama controllers can I use?
How to prepare music files/rip music
How can I get sound outside?
Prepare MP3 Files for Sequence Editor/MP3 Director
How do I create a Light-O-Rama Sequence?
WowLights Pixel Tree SanDevice Import
WowLights S5/S6 Sequence Previews
Light-O-Rama CTB16PCg3 User Manual
Light-O-Rama USB Adapters User Guide
Light-O-Rama CMB24D User Manual
Light-O-Rama PixCon16 User Manual
Light-O-Rama Pixie User Manual
Terms and Conditions
Telescoping Flag Pole
Privacy Policy
Repair Kits
Remote Support

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