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New Pro Plus V2 Sequence Layout:

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Our Pro & Pro Plus Christmas Sequences have been upgraded to version 2 which includes the following changes:

  • More RGB Bulbs and Icicles - makes it easier to adapt to your display
  • More Scalable Props - Including Mega Trees, Star Bursts, Stars, Matrix
  • New Props - RGB Snowflakes, Spinners, Pixel Stakes, Intelligent RGB Floods
  • Updated Props and Groups to better support Dumb and Intelligent RGB

Frequently Asked Questions:

When Will the Sequences be Available for Download?

We are working on finishing up the changes. Most sequences should be available for download in the next few weeks. You can view previews of the V2 sequences here and once the preview video is available the download should be available the next upcoming Friday.

Will I need to buy the sequences again?

If you currently have a Pro or Pro Plus license you can download the sequence again.

Do I need to upgrade my software?

All of our Pro & Pro Plus sequences need a Pro software license. If you have a lower version you would need to upgrade.

How can I add the new props to my display?

We have Snowflake Packages, Spinner Packages, and Pixel Stake Packages that you can purchase to add the new props to your display.

Will all of my existing props work with the new layout?

Yes all of your props will still work but you may need to adjust the preview for them.

Will I need to change my controller ID's?

Yes some ID's have changed in the new layout. You can view all of the controllers and Dip Switch settings on our Pro Plus Layout page.

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